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Somersaulting elephant saved from a canal

Somersaulting elephant saved from a canal

Somersaulting elephant saved from a canal

The famous Z D attracts free-roaming elephants in the island of Sri Lanka very often. There have been numerous counts of incidents similar to this over the recent time frame. Some elephants walk large distances searching for new areas and water sources.

Somersaulting elephant saved from a canal-This incident is about a cheery elephant enjoying its time in a canal, despite knowing that he is stuck, he continued to swim around without looking for a way to escape at first. Helpful locals are very keen to help this elephant out of the canal with the help of the wildlife experts and vets. The way out of this canal is far from reach, so the only way to get out is by climbing up.Somersaulting elephant saved from a canal

This giant elephant cannot handle such slopes at high angles since their weight keeps them from being very agile. They need support to climb from these humans gathered around. Locals and experts prepared two large ropes with tires and other attachments for them to hold or step into to. Even then, the elephant is seen somersaulting in the canal enjoying his time till the rescue. Finally, they were able to guide the elephant towards the rope where it easily held on it to climb out from the canal towards his home in the jungle.

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