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Saving a young elephant from a Hakka Patas. Aftermath

Saving a young elephant from a Hakka Patas. Aftermath

What is a Hakka Patas Trap?
Who makes them?

“Hakka Patas” is one of the most dangerous and inhumane weapons invented to kill innocent animals that roam close to farming villages. Hakka Patas is a mixture of explosives, iron, and lead mixed into the shape of a ball. This charge is easily hidden inside large vegetables and fruits to make a Hakka Patas explosive mixture. Most animals that move into raid crops get caught with this trap, dies after inflicting wounds to its mouth. The government and wildlife officers have always asked with kind words to refrain from using such cowardly methods to harm wild animals and their lives. Even such wild animals have the right to live in this world as much as humans do. Circle of life can be cruel. But we must safeguard all sorts of animals to ensure their survival. Especially these wild elephants as their population are at a decline.

It is natural for wild animals to seek food and make a bit of mess around farming fields and eat a bit of crop, but it is our duty to protect farming fields while using ways to keep wild animals away without harming them.


This young elephant is wounded and is in a critical state as the Hakka Patas Charge has blown off its jaw. This is not a good state for an elephant to be in as they are the giants that walk on land to eat the most. Wildlife officers are called to arms, so they can intervene and save this elephant and look towards a solution. This young elephant has already starved for several days and is in a weak state to even run away from a threat.

Officers need to treat the wounds, vaccinate, and provide saline for this elephant to recover into a state of having sense and not suffer from pain with these wounds. They will have to take this elephant back to one of their facilities in the region, so they can closely monitor and provide daily medical treatments for this elephant to recover. With its current state, this elephant cannot eat with its mouth so these officers will have to feed the elephant with fluids through a tube directly.

These kind of acts are wrong and are punishable by law, somehow some villagers and uneducated masses still practice towards making these traps in an effort to keep their farms safe. These officers have always adviced farmers and villagers to protect their farms and crops with effective boundaries without using harmful ways to kill wild animals. Humans are not the only kind that owns these lands; even other small animals do have the right to live and survive.

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