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One of the wildlife field officers’ most extended and impossible missions is to rescue an elephant


Sri Lanka is native to the Asian subspecies of elephants – The Sri Lankan Elephants. These elephants are probably the identity of the country and hold a significant cultural place. But with this blessing comes a great responsibility to take care of these gentle giants and keep them alive to continue the survival of these native species. Unfortunately, the Sri Lankan species have been at great risk of extinction for the last few decades. Therefore, the wildlife department of Sri Lanka is much dedicated to saving lives and relieving these elephants whenever found in any kind of trouble.

Just like in this case, this  elephant has been shot and stuck in the water. It is quite evident from its gait that it is going through severe pain due to injury and to relieve it from this intense pain, the wildlife team is here. Let’s see how does the team treats its wound and lets it live a normal life with its family and friends in the forest. 

It is day 1 when the wildlife team Sri Lanka was informed of this elephant in injured condition. As the team arrived, it got to work immediately. The team is trying to drag the attention of the elephant towards them so that it can come out of the water and they could treat its wound. But seems like the hopeless injured creature does not want to interact with anyone. It kept going farther away. 

Despite many efforts of the wildlife team, the injured elephant kept moving away from the team and they could not treat its wounds. However, the next day, the team arrived again and found the elephant in the same water. This time, they prepared even better. If the elephant were on dry land, they could have done so much to treat its wound, but since it is in deep water, they have no other option than it comes on the land by itself. This is the reason the team is not injecting anesthesia or any kind of medication to make it unconscious because dragging it out from the water would be much more difficult.

All the efforts of day 2 as well went in vain. Now, it’s day 3 and the team has got a drone to monitor the situation of the injured elephant. They used this drone camera to monitor and analyze the wound and its position more closely. According to the condition, they prepared the medication and completed all the procedures to treat the wound. As they got close to the elephant, it started to move farther away, as it had been doing for 2 days. This time, the team is trying much harder by producing familiar sounds. However, the hopelessly injured animal does not give much attention to the team which is just trying to help it get rid of the intense pain it is going through.

It kept resting in the long-grown grass and kept feeding on the same grass. Since there was plenty of vegetation available on the premises, the elephant did not remain hungry. Instead, it kept feeding on the grass and leaves, but of course, going through severe pain and distress. 

Again, the team left nothing in their hands while the injured elephant remained in the water. But surely, the wildlife team of Sri Lanka is so much devoted to the welfare of elephants that it will not leave this gentle giant suffering from wounds and intense pain.

Keep watching us and see what happens the next time the wildlife team arrives to help this injured elephant get rid of its wound and pain. Till then, take care, stay safe and save lives!

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