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Lost and Sick Elephant Gets the Treatment It Needs to Recover


Elephants are precious animals on the island of Sri Lanka. They hold a symbolic value in the Sri Lankan culture. In historic times, the Sri Lankan elephant has been a major export of the island. But unfortunately, the number of elephants has been significantly reduced over the past decade.

To save the remaining elephants and regain the population, even a single individual in the Sri Lankan elephant population is of great importance. This is the reason why the wildlife department of Sri Lanka is giving proper attention to the welfare of elephants. 

A team of wildlife officers is designated to specially take care of the elephants in wild. Here you can see the team of wildlife officers preparing to provide treatment to a sick and lost elephant. This elephant has been separated from its herd and lost here with no help. As soon as the wildlife team got a report about this, they arrived to return it to the forest after giving proper treatment. 

Sri Lankan elephants are endemic to Sri Lanka. Being a unique subspecies, Sri Lankan elephants owe a duty not only to Sri Lanka but to the whole world to protect them. These elephants are a jewel species for conservation. Not only the elephants but protecting the elephants will save numerous other species as well as the rich biodiversity of Sri Lanka – what it is known for. With rich biodiversity, the greater ecosystems will be automatically protected. 

There’s no doubt the wildlife team performs its job with full devotion. These trained professionals know how to deal with these gentle giants and provide them with appropriate treatments. With such devotion, care, and protection, Sri Lankan elephants are going to regain their population soon. 

But, this is not just the duty of these wildlife officers to care for and protect these elephants. Instead, all responsible human beings must provide favorable conditions to the species so that they can live their lives in their well-deserved habitat. Even if the solution to the loss of the elephant population is through selective breeding programs, it can be done humanely without cruelty and exploitation.

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