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Humble elephant wants to be saved

Humble elephant wants to be saved

Humble elephant wants to be saved

This giant fell into a pit full of mud near farm fields when he got trapped inside while leaving its natural habitat. These adventurous elephants always seek ways to sneak out from the native woods only to get stuck near a human village or farmlands. Cities and towns will always, but these elephants do have vast lands and fields to roam around. These humble giants still take the chances to leave towards the danger zones full of trouble for them.Humble elephant wants to be saved

The humble elephant is struggling to get out, a quite a big lesson for this one for leaving the massive jungles and lands given to them to roam. Elephants do remember, and this one might not come back this way again.

People are waiting for the wildlife officers to arrive with heavy equipment to get this elephant out. But the courageous villagers took charge to do it themselves with simple farming tools and equipment they had to dig the ground. They managed to make a steady slope for this elephant to climb out later. The elephant managed to out from the pit and ran towards the jungle.

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