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Humanity! Helping an injured Elephant

Humanity! Helping an injured Elephant

Humanity! Helping an injured Elephant

Minneria National Park has always been one of the most protected parks for elephants in general. Elephants in this park are well protected with a dream world like environment conserved for them. This park also includes a massive human-made tank made during the ancient times of kings in Sri Lanka.

Humanity! Helping an injured Elephant-This footage is about how well these elephants are taken care of by the wildlife officers. They tend to these giants every day to regulate their healthy lives. They also make sure these elephants are vaccinated with shots in a recorded and monitored manner. Don’t be alarmed; those are medicinal shots, much easier than sedating them to inject again especially when they are in herds.Humanity! Helping an injured Elephant

In this park, all you see is light blue and green, and it’s so refreshing to the mind to look at these giants living happily away from harm. Especially those baby elephants seem to be happy with their parents, and it is a good sign for Sri Lanka elephant conservation efforts. Anyone can come to visit Minneria National Park and take on safari ride to get closer to these humble giants. If you are planning on a holiday, this is a premium destination for you and your camera skills.

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