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Hardest Elephant medical treatment mission ever! Rambo the Elephant


Hardest Elephant medical treatment mission ever! Rambo the Elephant

It was a routine check-up day for the wildlife officers, and they spotted this young and athletic elephant around the corner that is next in line for some medical shots. It was all according to the plan as these officers prepared to approach this elephant.

Hardest Elephant medical treatment mission-Suddenly this one started running away thinking that it is impossible for these humans to catch up to him. They moved away so fast and decided to move to the other side of the river bank. Officers had to take their clothes off in order to pursue this young Rambo.Hardest Elephant medical treatment mission

Finally, they caught up to him and prepared to shoot with the medicinal shots again. They were later successful with the first attempt. The elephant kept on running away to the jungle, but the mission was a success. Keeping these young elephants healthy and protected is the number one goal for these wildlife officers in the island of Sri Lanka.

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