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Drowning elephants saved from a deep pit filled with water and get a free pass to a National Park


An elephant was stuck in a deep pit filled with water, and the wildlife team of Sri Lanka arrived to relocate it. First, they made way for it to get out of the pit by digging the ground to a level where it could walk out. It was an inclined way out of the pit. 

Meanwhile, the other team members prepared some painkiller injections to relax the elephant. Soon after, the team made the inclined way out of the pit, and the next step was to bring the elephant there so it could climb up. But the elephant was nervous and was not coming there. After several attempts, the elephant eventually climbed up a step out of the water-filled pit. But it needed to climb up a few more steps before getting out.

The team tied one of its forelimbs with a big, robust rope to pull it outward. Although it was a tricky task, it also restrained its other limbs. Once the elephant was restrained, the team made other small steps for it to climb up. They tried to pull its limbs to make it walk forward, but the elephant continuously resisted the pulls and was sitting mid-way instead of walking. 

At last, the wildlife team succeeded in getting the elephant out of the pit. The next step was to load it into the truck to relocate it. And this, too, was a challenging task. The nervous elephant continued to resist the pulls and was trying to hurt the men who wanted to approach it. It also trumpeted against unwanted appeals. 

However, the team continued its efforts. The elephant was getting closer to the truck gradually but still resisting. Ultimately, the wildlife team got it into the truck, which was already at the ground level. This saved them from making the elephant climb into it. As soon as the elephant ultimately got into the truck, the wildlife team restrained it and closed it so it would stay safe.

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