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Baby elephant rescued from a village well needs urgent help

Baby elephant rescued from a village well needs urgent help

These villagers saved this baby elephant from a well, and the baby is severely injured with many injuries to its limbs, with the critical condition that needs to be treated immediately. The village temple and the monk organized a small religious function for this innocent animal, and the village too gathered for this event. The wildlife officers soon arrived at the scene and started giving necessary medical treatments for this baby elephant to gain much-needed energy to fight this battle at hand. These officers will take this baby elephant back to their facility to treat 24/7 until its complete recovery. They will release this baby elephant back to an orphanage or a new herd once this elephant is fit and old enough to survive the wild without the original parents. These officers will also try to track down the original herd it belongs to.

You all have heard about the massive number of elephants and the situation in the small island nation of Sri Lanka as it is a complicated situation to control thousands of them moving from area to area with ease. There are several thousands of them that are taken care of by the wildlife department and the loving citizens of the island. Most educated in the country are continually fighting corruption, and animal abuse, especially towards the treasures that elephants are to the state as Sri Lankan elephants are known as the largest and the strongest among Asian elephants. 

Around all these rural farming villages where elephants raid crops, many conflicts are happening that are causing casualties to both sides. They have set a lot of fences and electric fences with barriers around many villages and farmlands around national parks and many massive forest reserves. These elephants often run into traps and wells placed along with farms for water supply.

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