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An intelligent elephant uses a broken pump well to drink water, gets a GPS as a gift


This young elephant is one intelligent giant compared to thousands of elephants on the island. This loner is not a complete loner; the officers have tracked its movements to be very diverse as it joins and moves away from the main herd very often. However, this elephant has developed a habit of using unconventional ways of drinking water from water sources developed by humans like the pump wells and moving towards farming well despite having many ponds and small waterways that can provide ample amount of water for them for their entire lifetime. Some smart animals like this fellow are able to understand and adapt to human ways very quickly. As soon as they do, they will continuously seek such methods as their primary ways.

The officers are here to handle this situation and give a little warning to this elephant to get him to move back to the herd and the forest, grassland areas reserved for them. The wildlife department officers have been fixing GPS devices with comfortable collars to keep a good track on herds and elephants who are notable with significant value for some research studies being carried out. These GPS devices are lightweight, durable, and weatherproof that does not harm the elephant. The wildlife officers will not keep these devices strapped on to elephants for long periods. They will have a planned time frame to get the monitoring done and will remove the device with its strap to make this elephant feel a little more comfortable after a while.

This mission turned out to be a very successful one as the officers only had to chase after this elephant for a little to shoot it with anesthetics using a tranquilizer gun. As soon as this elephant calmed down, they had a reasonable time frame to get this device fixed, and everything went according to the plan. This way, these officers will be able to keep a track on elephants invading human villages and territories, react to them in time to save the lives of both humans and elephants at the same time. Smart animals are found everywhere on this island, starting from leopards, to these giant elephants in large numbers. One must really visit these regions with elephant conflicts to witness some of the unbelievable encounters that will change the way you feel and experience the nature and wildlife.

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