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Amazing recovery for a young elephant


Amazing recovery for a young elephant

Today, we are with a young elephant that was rescued from a rural jungle area who was seen very sick and week due to an infection on the trunk and mouth. Wildlife officers were able to spot this sick young elephant as they went over for a routine check up on elephants and their population.

Amazing recovery for a young elephant-As soon as they spotted its wounds over the trunk, they knew that they had to bring this calf back to their officer’s headquarters. They have been treating this young elephant for a while now, with the intention of making this elephant feel recovered entirely to be taken back to the herd.Amazing recovery for a young elephant

Currently, this elephant has recovered a lot and seems to be very active and strong now. Officers continually keep an eye on this young one as a part of their own family and circle. We hope to share more footage when this young elephant is taken back to join its herd after completely recovering from the trunk/mouth infection.

Watch the full video here

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