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A young elephant with no life left experiences the Miracle called Humanity. Risking attempts


This elephant was spotted in Kantale area by a group of villagers for being weak and sick. The reason for this is unknown, but wildlife officers and vets came to this scene to help this young elephant that desperately needs help. Some suspect that some unknown culprits shot this elephant for entertainment or hunting purposes.  It is very difficult to help an elephant stand up once they are down.

Officers and vets started the whole process by proving this elephant with water and plenty of food, but this elephant doesn’t seem to have any appetite to eat as its health state is far worse than they imagined it to be.

You can see all the food around that his young one refused to eat. Despite that fact, officers kept providing him with saline and ways to improve its health.

This is the most challenging part where they have to help this elephant stand up. This way it will be able to have his blood flow back to normal and also start to support itself. These officers are risking their own lives as they try their best to make this elephant stand up. It only needs more help and support to keep itself up again.

It was a failed attempt, but the health situation of this elephant is improving. The officers and vets will take the coming days and weeks to help this elephant recover and gain more strength. Soon this elephant will be able to stand up and return to normal life. We hope to share more updates on this soon.

We humbly invite you to join us with a journey full of love and help to our treasured wild elephants in the paradise island of Sri Lanka.

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