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Young elephant with no strength helped by awesome people to stand up! Amazing attempts made!


Elephants are the strongest animals on earth, and they weigh several tons as they grow up to become the giants that we all love. These giants are strong, but they are vulnerable to many threats on the island that has managed to decrease its population in recent times just like around the whole world. These elephants are threatened by growing junk crisis, polythene and plastic crisis that has polluted the enviorenemt they roam in.

When an elephant gets sick and falls on the ground, it is some serious situation for any vet to deal with. These humble giants require a lot of strength to keep themselves standing and balanced as they roam several kilometers every day. They need a lot of food and water to keep themselves strong and to move. 

Some villagers noticed this sick elephant who was making loud noises crying for help and immediately contacted the wildlife department. The officers arrived at the scene immediately and started treating the elephant while the villagers helped them with fresh fruits and vegetables for this elephant to eat.

Watch this footage to see how a group of kind humans got together to treat a sick elephant who was dying and how they managed to feed and help the elephant get up. This is just one of the attempts they made, and they almost succeeded. Now they will treat and feed the elephant more for it to recover.

The beautiful island of the elephants:

Island of Sri Lanka is home to several thousands of Elephants that roam the streets and through village areas freely in many regions of the country. The small island nation is full of elephants that are loved by most of the inhabitants of the island. Most educated in the country are continually fighting corruption and animal abuse especially towards the treasures that elephants are to the state as Sri Lankan elephants are known as the largest and the strongest among Asian elephants.

However, around farming villages where elephants raid crops, many conflicts are happening that have caused casualties to both sides. They have set a lot of fences and electric fences with barriers around many villages and farmlands around national parks and many massive forest reserves. These elephants often run into traps and wells placed along with farms for water supply.

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