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Wounded elephant struggling in the water


Saving elephants in different conditions is a challenging task. But, hats off to the wildlife department of Sri Lanka whose teams do their best in every thick and thin. Here, a wounded elephant is struggling in the water to get out but could not find its way back to the land.

As the wildlife department got reported on the situation, they arrived at the location to help this elephant get out of the water. They started by making noises by shooting and firing crackers. They saw its wound and shot an injection near it. being nervous, the elephant got violent for a while but the team handled the situation wisely. They made noises to guide the elephant out of the water. 

Right when it was about to climb out, the elephant started getting faint. It sat beside a log. The wildlife team tried a few ways to get it moving so that it may climb out of the water. At last, one of the team members approached the elephant and got it moving.

First, he tried with a stick and later, he splashed water on it. The elephant got up but sat again. A couple of team members kept trying to get it out of the water while the others sat back preparing medicines for its wound. 

The wildlife team shot another injection into its body which got it moving. However, it still did not climb out. The team member near it splashed water on it once again. During all this chaos, the elephant took out one of the injections from its rear body and was about to eat it. 

Although the wildlife team tried to stop it from eating by making noises, the elephant still attempted to take the injection into its mouth. Fortunately, it did not harm it and it took it out safely. When none of the tactics worked, the team member who approached the elephant came back so that they could use some other ways to get the elephant out of the water and treat its wound.

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