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Villagers rescues drowning elephant from deep well


This video was from Polonnaruwa,an iconic city in the north-central province in Sri Lanka for its history, agriculture, and wildlife.As agriculture is prevalent in this area,people store water in deep wells,known as cultivation wells.One problem with these wells is that they are unprotected,and anyone can fall into these deep pitfalls.This is real footage reported from a Chena cultivation which uses cultivation wells to aid in agricultural processes.These wells are death traps for smaller animals,and even for giants like elephants in go unnoticed.This farmer had heard an elephant falling into this deep well in the early dawn that day.He had informed wildlife officers to rescue this giant.

Sadly, their herds mates wait nearby as if to know whether she’s fine and help when they can.But these poor souls cannot do much to save their pal.Elephant’s anatomy,unlike in many other animals,is not arranged in a wayto facilitate jumping.Therefore, in contrast to other animals,even with a fall like in this case,hey must climb up from the bottom,as jumping is not anoption for these giants.Thus, the wildlife officers and the villagers together hired a mechanical excavator to dig a path to get the elephant out.The excavator should dig with caution to prevent injuring the giant,as she tries to climb while digging is being carried out.With a lot of unsuccessful attempts,the people were able to get her out.She is happy,and so are the people!They let her run to the wild while her herd’s mate waited to greet her.

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