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Underequipped officers save an elephant from a wire trap after a tranquilizer shot


Underequipped officers save an elephant from a wire trap after a tranquilizer shot

Officers were out on a sunny day in a rural part of the Island of Sri Lanka routinely checking on elephants in the region. They often visit these areas to make sure their beloved elephants are always healthy and free of diseases that can be a threat to elephant population in the island. Wildlife department received information regarding a young elephant that’s trapped with a wire deep inside the jungle area close by. Some jungle roamers in the area have spotted this elephant after hearing some painful loud noises from an elephant.

From the look of this situation, this elephant has been suffering from this wire trap that caught its leg for several days. The wire is deep within the wound, and it is something difficult to look at for anyone watching the footage. As they prepared themselves for the operation with whatever the equipment they had at the time, they wanted to approach this elephant from behind silently without alarming to cause any panic. They shot the elephant with a tranquilizer gun for this elephant to feel no pain during this incredibly painful situation.

Elephant kept calm as whatever these officers do to free the elephant would not hurt the elephant at all. Officers were able to free the elephant from the wire trap finally. This elephant will be on the ground for a while, and the officers kept injecting vaccines and applying medicine for the elephant to recover.

It is still under investigation about the wrongdoers who set traps for animals in the region. If caught, they will be facing jail time and massive fines regardless of their background and wealth. We hope these punishments will become insanely harsh so we will finally remove these evil human beings from committing such hateful acts that can render endangered species extinct.

We humbly invite you to join us with a journey full of love and help to our treasured wild elephants in the paradise island of Sri Lanka.

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