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The wildlife officers are treating a fatal gunshot wound; will the wild elephant survive?


Elephants, particularly Sri Lankan elephants hold a symbolic value in Sri Lanka. But, in the recent past, this blessing has been exploited and seen diminishing at a quite frequent rate. Now, the number of elephants in the whole country has decreased to almost 7500. The reasons behind this frequent decrease include uncontrolled shooting, destruction of habitat, poaching, etc. 

One of the cases you can see in this video is where this gentle giant has been shot in the leg and left to suffer in extreme pain. But thanks to the wildlife department of Sri Lanka which has trained individuals dedicated to helping innocent animals in trouble or pain. This elephant is clearly suffering from intense pain and cannot withstand the wounds. But the wildlife team endeavors to treat its wounds . 

Due to the great loss in the elephant population during the last decade, Sri Lanka cannot afford to lose more elephants. The people of Sri Lanka need to take care of this divine blessing as a whole. Be it the general public or higher authorities, everyone needs to understand the importance of elephants.

The survival of Sri Lankan elephants cannot be avoided due to several reasons. These elephants are native to Sri Lanka and hold their identity is one of these reasons. Tourists all across the world travel to see these elephants. Why so? Because they are the largest of all other elephant species all over the world. 

Moreover, as they age, they develop white spots on their trunk, ears, and eventually on other body parts. This is because of the depigmentation of their skin with age. The thickness of their skin also varies from one body part to another. For example, the skin on the back may have a thickness of an inch while the skin on the ears and around the mouth is as thin as 1/10 inches. This is the reason elephants are provided with dripping medications through their ears.

After providing the appropriate medications and treatments, the next step is to shift the elephant to a place where it can heal its wounds. Well, the wildlife team will take care of this.

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