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Sick and Lost : A rescue mission of an orphaned elephant calf


Elephant calves are being taken care by their mothers until they are several years old.Some researchers have found that elephants keep their calves in proximity even at the age of eight!This indicates how much a mother-elephant plays in raising a baby elephant to be a competent adult.Proper mother-calf interaction is necessary not only for their growth but also for their social and psychological development.Nevertheless, some unfortunate instances cause these calves to lose their mothers, making these baby jumbos orphans, leaving them helpless and lost. For most of these events, it is us; the humans are to blame.

Today, The Wild Elephant is about an elephant calf that had been orphaned in Anuradhapura, a district in the north-central part of Sri Lanka.Without the care of its mother, this baby had got very sick and weak.The veterinary team of the department of wildlife and conservation of Sri Lanka had attended to help this innocent soul.To make things worse, the weather is not supporting them either.Therefore, all have to take some measures to prevent the little jumbo from getting wet.He was too feeble to get on his feet and walk.Thus moving him to a shade is out of the question.So the team decided to build a temporary shelter for this elephant baby until he can get on his feet, at least for a short walk.After medication, there were some signs of energy in the little fellow.After several efforts, they were able to get the elephant calf moving.After finishing the treatment, he was then taken by the veterinary team to the wildlife hospital for further treatment.

See how fast he is recovering under proper care?
We hope all our viewers will wish this poor soul to recover soon!

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