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Saving an elephant calf from “Hakka Patas”

Saving an elephant calf from

Saving an elephant calf from “Hakka Patas”

Saving an elephant calf from Hakka Patas –.“Hakka patas” is an inhuman weapon invented to kill elephants. It is a mixture of explosive matter, iron and lead made into a ball-shaped charge. It is easy to hide the”Hakka patas” explosive mixture inside a large vegetable or other fruit.

This weapon is used by uneducated villagers, poachers, and hunters around Sri Lanka to kill wild animals and to scavenge ivory tusks for Chinese black markets that purchase ivory.

Saving an elephant calf from Hakka PatasSaving an elephant calf from Hakka Patas

This baby elephant calf is an unfortunate victim to one of those pathetic traps set by a wrongdoer. Luckily wildlife officers found this elephant calf at a very early stage through its wounds. Wildlife officers quickly took this calf into the elephant treatment center to heal this elephant from Hakka patas injuries.

The elephant calf was very calm throughout the medical procedures. The wildlife officers and vets took a good care of this young giant by patching him very well. This animal could have faced a slow painful death if wildlife officers failed to spot it being wounded,

It is a must to stand up against these inhuman practices at all costs to preserve these wildlife animals for our future generations to come.

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