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Poor by wealth, rich by heart! People saving an elephant from a canal water coaster


The menace at the famous Z D canal dates back to the old days when video cameras with colours came out. This canal supplies much-needed water to many farming villages and agricultural zones on the island. There are several thousands of elephants in the island of Sri Lanka that freely roam across areas, forests, grasslands and farmlands as they please. This level of freedom is given to all elephants as locals consider them as an animal connected to their culture and heritage in many ways.

Unlucky for this elephant, when it got stuck in a canal that it had no idea about before it decided to dive in for a short bath long away from its friendly woods. This elephant was sucked away by the water waves towards a part with the canal gate, and the elephant was in for a real big mess. It was a watercoaster ride for this elephant that had no hope of getting out from this one.

The ones who came for this elephants rescue are not some well equipped, geared and professionals on SUVs. But some villagers from a farming village nearby. They tagged with wildlife officers in the area to take this elephant out of the canal in the least logical ways many experts would imagine. Watch the full video and find out how they managed to secure this elephant and chase it back to its familiar woods so it will remember this lesson for a long time.

The island of elephants: Sri Lanka

On the beautiful island of Sri Lanka, Elephants roam the streets and through village areas freely in many regions of the country. The small island nation is full of elephants loved by most of the island’s inhabitants. Most educated in the country are continually fighting corruption, and animal abuse, especially towards the treasures that elephants are to the state as Sri Lankan elephants are known as the largest and the strongest among Asian elephants.

They tried to drag this elephant out of the muddy pit using their strength, and they couldn’t go far. That is when they contacted a villager with a tractor to help get this elephant out of this challenging situation.

However, around farming villages where elephants raid crops, many conflicts have caused casualties to both sides. They have set a lot of fences and electric fences with barriers around many villages and farmlands around national parks and many massive forest reserves. These elephants often run into traps and wells placed along with farms for water supply.

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