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Helping hand to poor Elephant.Gets transported to the elephant orphanage


Babies are mostly playful; be they human babies or animals’, they are friendly because they have the least experience and are learning with their curious nature. Since young animals borrow actions like hunting, foraging, aggressiveness, and sexual behaviors from their adults, playing may serve as a form of practice that also makes them more psychologically flexible. Especially elephant calves who tend to be more playful are often the ones who are best able to cope with environmental stresses (like droughts). Also, they have a reduced risk of dying as adults.

But they are often aggressive and stubborn as well. Here is a baby elephant who has been injured and lost in the jungle. It needs to be relocated back to its habitat after appropriate treatment. But for treatment, it needs to go along with the wildlife team which it is clearly refusing. Another reason for this baby elephant refusing is its injury which is making it difficult to walk. Thanks to the wildlife department of Sri Lanka which has a team of trained professionals who know how to cope with such a situation. 

Elephants have really hard skin and make the intramuscular, subcutaneous, and intradermal really hard. Therefore, the most suitable mode of injection in elephants is intravenous, and that is also through the back side of their ears where the skin is thinnest. 

After providing first aid, the baby elephant needed to be taken to the treatment center where it would be given more medications to cure its injuries. But the frightened and stubborn baby is not ready to go with strangers.

At last, after restraining the baby elephant into the container, the wildlife team of Sri Lanka took it to the treatment center and gave it a refreshing bath. While bathing, the elephant was given medicines embedded in fruits keeping in view the palatability. After that, the elephant was fed more veggies and plants so that it may get well soon. 

At the wildlife department of Sri Lanka, innocent animals are treated with affection and care just like this baby elephant. Once they get well, they are released back into their habitat where they can meet their families again and carry on their normal life activities.

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