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Helping a injured baby elephant,using a proper treatment


This video is about an injured baby elephant who is stuck in a forest of Anuradhapura Sri Lanka.

Animals have been the companions, workers, ears, eyes, and even the food of humans since humanity stepped on the earth. Want proof? They have been the main part of human lives; be it the ancient cave paintings, or the modern commercial farms. Some of the animal species have been domesticated, however, others are wild. Animals keep us company and can provide comic relief as well. Also, they prove to be valuable assistants in countless fields, but many times we humans become a reason against their existence. Our activities make them endangered.

On the other hand, humanity also saves animals from extinction as well as from painful situations. As you see here, this poor baby elephant is stuck with an injured stomach waiting for help. As soon as the rescue team arrived, they began to help the injured baby elephant getting rid of this painful condition.

Elephants fall in the category of the most intelligent creatures on the planet earth. Having complex consciousness, elephants possess strong emotions. Across many nations, they hold a strong cultural significance and respect from the people. The ecosystems in which elephants live get benefit from their existence as well, because they play a key role in the maintenance of the biodiversity of ecosystems they live in.

Since these innocent creatures give so much advantage to their surroundings, they owe some care and respect. Therefore, an elephant rescue team is always ready to help poor elephants in need of help. As you see this rescue team arrived at the right time to save this injured baby elephant through proper treatment and care. The team is dedicated to providing relief to this injured baby elephant.

Not only humans and the ecosystem, but elephants are also beneficial for other animals. During famine and dry seasons when water becomes scarce, elephants dig for it using their tusks. This provides water for other animals as well in harsh habitats. Also, it makes elephants able to survive in droughts. Elephants are herbivores in nature and when they consume vegetation in forests, the gaps formed work as space for new plants to grow. This way, they create pathways for smaller animals to graze. Seed dispersal is another plus point with the existence of elephants.

The IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) declares Asian elephants as endangered. Why so? Because of the human beings! We engage the elephants in the labor of the tourism industry. The deforestation of their habitats is even worse. This selfish behavior leads to the endangeredness of the species. Particularly speaking of the Asian elephants, there are only 40K-50K individuals left in the wild. Approximately 3K of these are captivated to serve as a part of the military, workforce for the logging industry, and to be showcased in the cultural celebrations.

The timely treatment from the rescue team avoids the formation of infection on the affected areas of the baby elephant’s body. Before beginning the treatment, it is important to restrain the elephant because injuries, as well as treatments, are quite painful. This pain may make the elephants violent and they may ruin everything that comes in their way – be it a human being from the rescue team itself.

Also, we as humans should show some humanity towards the other species that share the earth with us; especially such friendly animals like elephants who provide us benefits in countless ways.

That’s all for today’s video. Let us now aim not to harm any living being – be it wildlife animals like elephants. The elephant rescue team cannot show up everywhere to rescue the elephants timely (such as in the case of this injured baby elephant) without the communication of nearby people. Help us reach out to the needy elephants every time you see one.

We will be back with another amazing video the next time. Till then, take care.

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