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Elephants vs. Electric Fences. Amazing Intelligent Animals


Elephants vs. Electric Fences. Amazing Intelligent Animals

As a small island nation, Sri Lanka has been considered a tourist destination for beautiful beaches, natural rainforests, and many epic adventures that involve in seeing elephants, leopards, and dolphins.

As you enter Sri Lanka through the airport and leave to its city streets, you will still have a high chance of seeing a giant tusker being escorted around with security to a temple or some festival location.

Sri Lanka is a very famous destination for having thousands of elephants with its elephant population protected through strict policies and amazing wildlife officers that are genuinely in the service to save the Asian elephant species. Sri Lankan elephants are the largest and the strongest in the Asian continent.

However, the fairy tales do not continue towards the village levels as some villagers and farmers are always on the fight to save their crops from wild animals. As many of these cases are wild boars, bears, and elephants, the farmers and hunters have set many traps to harm or ultimately kill these animals to save their crops. Sometime later, the government came up with new techniques to keep these wild animals away from moving into human settlements and farms. Keep in mind that these wild animals such as elephants are kept in large areas of rainforests and grassy lands with more than enough water sources for them to live a safe life in. But these adventurous elephants never stop moving outside these areas.

Today, we have a small compilation of videos that showcase the intelligence level and experience these elephants have against traps and electric fences in such remote areas. This video will question some about how far they could reach with their intelligence levels in the future with more and more experiences caused by conflicts.

This video shows how they try to avoid being electrocuted by slowly raising their trunk towards the wooden poles that hold those wires. These fences are there to give a little shock to send these elephants away, but not to kill them. These fences will keep both parties safe as elephants are forced to stay within their regions and safe jungles reserved for them. Look at the other giant elephant that looks strong and young. He is stalking around the fence in order to move to the other side. He knows that these wires are dangerous and painful for him, so he doesn’t touch them. He proceeds to a new area with weaker fences and also finds himself in a position towards destroying them.

Watch the footage and enjoy your time. Make sure to comment your thoughts on these intelligent, dangerous yet humble beings.

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