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Cute orphaned baby elephants having a beautiful time under wildlife care


Many baby elephants like this get separated from their mothers and herds every day as a part of sad reality that many has to witness. There are several thousands of elephants around the island, and they migrate from area to area regularly making it hard to document and spot their relevant herds. They end up wandering alone or chasing other small animals for fun to be finally get separated from the herd.

When wildlife department receives a call regarding a lost baby elephant, they respond fast by first securing the baby elephant at one of their facilities made to hold such vulnerable animals. Then they provide food and shelter until they come up with the plan to find their family or take them to a place like an elephant orphanage home where plenty of young elephants roam in a massive secure area with no danger or difficulty.

This baby elephant is new to the officers base where they will be keeping it for a while, and the baby elephant has quickly developed friendly bonds with the officers and some other people that live close by. These people have been keeping this baby elephant away from sadness and, and it is already very active and playful as it roams around the place smashing into many things.

Many would criticize this move of holding such baby elephants without knowing the facts, but this is the best way to handle such situations by making sure that they are safe before any relocation program starts to help them.

Sri Lanka and Elephants.

In the beautiful island of Sri Lanka, Elephants roam the streets and through village areas freely in many regions of the country. The small island nation is full of elephants that are loved by most of the inhabitants of the island. Most educated in the country are continually fighting corruption and animal abuse especially towards the treasures that elephants are to the state as Sri Lankan elephants are known as the largest and the strongest among Asian elephants. 

However, around farming villages where elephants raid crops, many conflicts are happening that have caused casualties to both sides. They have set a lot of fences and electric fences with barriers around many villages and farmlands around national parks and many massive forest reserves. These elephants often run into traps and wells placed along farms for water supply.

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