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An elephant with a bullet in its leg saved by Wildlife Officers. Tranquilizer gun Drama


This elephant was shot by an unknown party who are suspected to be some of those who are after trophies or just wildly shooting at animals for fun. This elephant is in pain and has moved towards the water area to keep itself cool and afloat in order to maintain body balance during low strength.  Officers were able to reach this elephant before this elephant lost its strength to stay up and its good news. Villagers were supportive too to get them across and are ready to supply food for this elephant to regain its strength. 

Officers are already at the scene with essential medicine and vaccines required to sedate and treat the giant who is in pain. Officers first used the tranquilizer gun with anesthetics to sedate the elephant. It will take a while for this elephant to calm down as it only wanted to stay in the water, where it is comfortable for the moment. Officers kept the elephant calm and started their treatments during the short window frame available for them to inspect and treat for the time being.

This rescue operation will move on for some time, and they will have to stay up and monitor this elephant with the help of the villagers in the area. They will also have to set up a tent close by with the consideration of their own safety from other wild elephants and animals that may attack the officers at night. Watch the full footage and let us know about your thoughts on using anesthetics on this elephant, and how they moved with the initial operation overall. These risky moves can always cost a life as they try to save these precious lives of nature.

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