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An Elegant tusker shows-off his masculinity and elegancy in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka, the country with the highest Asian elephant density, is a paradise for elephant lovers. For Sri Lanka, elephants are embedded in her history, culture, and architecture. In Sri Lanka, elephants are prestigious creatures who are given the privilege of carrying the casket with the Lord Buddha’s tooth relic.
Nowadays, such cultural events may not agree in terms of their welfare. When these events were created, about a millennium back, elephants were chosen by past Sri Lankans for their majestic nature. And considerations on animal welfare was non-existent

The tuskers were preferred over the ones without tuskers for their great majesty and masculinity. Nevertheless, with time, the abundance of tuskers declined. Even though tusks provide a survival advantage in the wild, spotting a tusker, especially in Asian elephants, is hard now. According to scientists, the main reason for their decline is due to selective poaching for ivory.

Therefore, spotting this majestic beast in the banks of “Kala wewa,” A historic reservoir in the Anuradhapura district, is rare. Watch how this elegant giant socializes among the females.

If you like to know more about tuskers, check out the wild elephant video mentioned in the description below.

YouTube video
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