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A Weak Elephant gets treated and helped to stand up


It is said that man is a social animal, which leads to the formation of communities and eventually moved human beings from the wild to set up civilizations. It has been centuries since we have quit living in the wild, but for some reason, many among us still behave like animals. We may have learned a lot, but what value is that if we haven’t learned to respect other living beings that share mother Earth with us? Animals are living beings, and they have a right to living freely as much as we humans do. We were once hunters, but now society has shifted from that place of horror to the realization that is injuring other living beings, especially animals and birds who cannot even speak up for themselves, is cruel; it is inhumane.

Despite organizations that protect and advocate animal rights and the formation of laws that exist to protect wildlife, many continue to harm animals.

Even from afar, we can hear the wailing of this elephant. Villagers shot the poor animal to the point of immobility. And what was its crime, you ask? The poor animal only happened to wander off from the wild into a nearby village. The elephant has fallen because the immense pain that he is suffering from has made it difficult for him to continue standing. Perhaps it chose to lie in a puddle of water to ease its pain somewhat.

 This elephant that locals injured sustained a gunshot wound. It was lucky enough to be found by a group of wildlife officers and vets that rescued it to safety. The rescuers first approached the animal and provided first aid and then continued to devise ways to move the animal by pulling its limbs to a standing position to be carried to a facility where it shall be looked after. In addition to providing food and nutrition, its wounds shall be tended to until it is well enough to be released into the wild, where it belongs.

Considering this particular situation, we can understand that the villagers may have felt threatened by the sudden barging in of an elephant. But we must also know that the poor animal, in addition to being lost, would’ve felt just as threatened and intimidated by confronting villagers who were ready to attack it. Instead of shooting at the elephant, a suitable approach could have been contacting wildlife authorities for help or at least making an effort to calm the animal, coax it, and guide its way out of the village.

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