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A Beautiful Elephant Herd Spotted in Minneria. (Beautiful Nature)


A Beautiful Elephant Herd Spotted in Minneria. (Beautiful Nature)

Before we talk about this herd, let’s take a look at this scenery and the area around. Sri Lanka is an island filled with green. Every area is covered with rivers, small lakes, water streams, and forests. The misty hills and clear skies are something to be mentioned here. Around the island are some beautiful beaches that surround the entire country. Light blue and green waters in the ocean make it amazing for a surfing destination and whale watching to the western side.

A Beautiful Elephant Herd Spotted in Minneria-Talking about elephants on the island, they are known as a national treasure to the people of Sri Lanka. Elephants are connected with the culture and history in countless ways through the past centuries. This place by the Minneria reservoir is a massive human-made structure that currently supplied water to many including the wildlife around the area.

This tank was built by a prominent figure from the ancient civilizations known as the tank builder, King Mahasen. Elephants in the region love this tank, and they often swim around this tank with the herd.

These types of large herds of elephants can be seen around the country all the time if you visit any national park or a conservation zone kept for wild animals.

There are many youngsters in this herd seen being playful with each other. Elders seem to be busy with eating all the green they can. This adorable scene comes to a highlight when this small fellow starts charging at the much older elephant calf. What an adorable baby elephant. These baby elephants are known to be the most aggressive out of all the elephants on the island. Take a brief moment and enjoy this amazing footage about spotting elephants.

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