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The Reality of Wildlife Food Poisoning and the Tragic Case of a Baby Elephant’s Mouth Bomb Injury

This elephant calf has been caught in a snare that damaged its mouthparts. The pain and suffering are quite evident from the open mouth of the elephant. But, the wildlife team reached there to help.

First, the team prepared to repress the elephant by providing it with medications. Although gentle, a wounded animal is still difficult to approach. Therefore, the team has to approach it carefully to restrain and bring it to a safe place before it gets unconscious. The nervous elephant calf ran here and there, not knowing they were its well-wishers and wanted to ease her pain.

After several attempts, the team finally succeeds in haltering the elephant calf and leads it to a place where it can be treated. Again it is difficult to move the elephant calf that is resisting the men due to its nervousness. Soon it faints, and the team starts its treatment.

Since the elephant has not eaten for a long time, it is most important to put a glucose drip to give it energy. Next, after assessing the severity of the wounds, the team starts the treatment. They prepare solutions to feed the elephant, starting with painkiller sprays and injections. One of the officers clears the elephants wounded mouth and feeds the solution through a syringe. Meanwhile, the other officers help feed the medicines and assess the wounds around the elephant’s mouth.

Once the medicine has been wholly fed and incorporated into the wounds, the team waits for the glucose drip to finish. Meanwhile, the officers start to pack up. As soon as the drip ends, one of the wildlife officers removes the cannula from the ear of the elephant calf. Then, they wait for it to come back to its senses. Soon after getting up, the elephant starts running after one of the wildlife officers while others try to distract it. The wildlife team will leave once the elephant calf returns to the greens.

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