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Treating an elephant with a critical injury in the trunk was treated by the veterinary surgeons


The human-elephant conflicts have been a major issue since the onset of the communization of men. As humans narrowed the territories of wild animals through deforestation, the animals started to invade the human population, mostly unknowingly. The people living near the forests are primarily farmers and are much concerned about their produce. 

During the ripe season, when they cannot afford an animal invasion or raid into their farmlands, they set various traps to refrain wild animals from entering their lands and causing any harm to their produce. These traps include Hakka patas and cable wires. Both these traps are deadly injurious to animals. 

Mostly these traps are set for the smaller animals that immediately die when they get trapped; but in the case of elephants, since they are giant animals, they somehow manage to survive these traps. But, the condition gets worse than immediate death. 

The hakka patas burst in their mouth and lead them to slow death due to hunger and intense pain. On the other hand, the cable wire traps give such intense wounds that the elephants can barely move. As you can see here, this baby elephant has been wounded by a cable wire trap. It has got a deep cut on the middle of its trunk making it difficult to move. 

As you know the trunk serves as the hand of elephants, and this wound is going to give extreme suffering to this baby elephant apart from pain. The eating, drinking, and other activities of this gentle giant are going to be affected just because of this deep wound.

But thanks to the wildlife department of Sri Lanka which has a team of highly professional and dedicated officers. They approached the elephant as soon as they got a report from surrounding people about the wounded baby elephant. The attempt of the wildlife team to not waste a single moment in approaching the needy animal is the most appreciable thing.

After providing appropriate medications, the team will take care of the elephant until it gets well again and become able to enjoy its life with its friends and family on its own in the wild. 

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